Take the guess work out of evaluation...

We have been hard at work building a robust tool called Resilas to help researchers and policy makers better demonstrate the results of their work

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It doesn't  matter if you are an experienced researcher or not, Resilas is the tool that you've been looking for. The Lowitja Institute is building Resilas® to create better health results for Aboriginal and Torres Islander communities. 

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface will help you prototype your proposed research or program as well as ensuring you can report on its progress using our culturally and methodologically validated program logic interface.

With Resilas, you will be better able to design a program that demonstrates real results that matter to communities.

Colaborate with your team

Share your work at any given time while working on your projects.

Get to work with your closest team members right away.

You can export your evaluation in multiple formats to use them right away.

Resilas is arriving in 2018.

Replicate your work for better results

Easy and quick sharing

Resilas builds evaluation into projects from start to finish

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Export options

Test on any device

Resilas is accessible on any device making

it perfect for field work.

"I've been waiting for a tool like Resilas for years and only wish I could get to use it now."

Professor Marcia Langton, University of Melbourne

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